And who is Huisjes?

A philosopher with a down-to-earth disposition and extensive experience in bringing to life insights from the field of research. Proven track record in both journalism and communication. Has worked for, among others:
→  nwo(Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) (all disciplines)
→  knaw (Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences) (all disciplines)
→  fom (Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter) (physics)
→  amolf (Research laboratory of the Foundation
         for Fundamental Research on Matter) (physics)
→  NanoNext (nano science)
→  arcnl (Advanced Research Centre for Nanolithography)
→  iclon (Leiden Univ. Graduate School of Teaching) (educational research)
→  Nationaal Regieorgaan Onderwijsonderzoek
          (Netherlands Initiative for Education Research)
→  mira (University of Twente's research centre for Biomedical Technology
         and Technical Medicine) (technical medicine)
→  vumc (pathology)
→  ecn (energy)

→   Delft University of Technology
→  tki (Topconsortium for Knowledge and
         Innovation Gas) (international distribution
         of Dutch gas expertise)
→  Topsector Energie (Top Sector Energy)
         (system integration)
→  Leiden University (Islam studies)
→  Anne Frank Foundation (racism monitor)